Business Credit Cards

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Revolving credit card lines from $50,000 - $150,000. 0% interest for 6 - 24 months, low interest rates.

Business credit cards are the most commonly used form of financing for small business owners, in fact, there's not really even a close second since credit card financing is so far ahead of all other forms of borrowing in the small business sector. According to the Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, 82% of small business owners use credit cards as a "vital part" of their overall funding strategy. Also, according to NFIB, 79% of small business owners use credit cards.

Whether you’ve just started a small business, or you’ve been at the helm for some time, a business credit card can come in handy. It gives you easy access to a revolving line of credit that you can use for purchases, balance transfers, or cash withdrawals - when you need them, without hassle or delay. Take advantage of 0% interest, earn rewards and bonuses, get cash-back, and other perks.

Business credit cards will help you:


Separate your personal and business credit — Having a business credit card will separate your personal and business expenses making life way easier at tax time. If you use the card for routine purchases, you can easily track, categorize, and analyze your expenses through your monthly statements.

Provide a cash flow cushion — Does your cash flow ever lag from a decrease in sales or a delay in payments? A business credit card would let you pay expenses and make purchases – stretching your dollars without dipping into your cash flow.

Establish and improve your business credit — There’s an easy way to build your business credit responsibly: small business credit cards. Just pay your bills on time, keep your balance manageable, and stay within your credit limit – and before you know it, your business credit scores will rise.

What you need to Qualify:


Borrower FICO that's

greater than 700


Less than 30% utilization

on Personal Credit Cards


Articles established

corporations or LLC 


EIN/Tax ID #



Business revenue greater

than or equal to $0


Years in business greater

than or equal to 0 years

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