Small Business Loans

Loans from $20,000 - $100,000. 3 - 5-year terms,
interest rates 6 - 15%.

Alternative lending has filled a gap left by risk-averse banks which lend primarily to the most creditworthy small businesses, and cash advance lenders that typically thrive on subprime candidates. These lenders offer key advantages over a low-cost SBA loan. In addition to speed, the requirements are less stringent, and the application process is faster and easier. Alternative lenders are generally more flexible than banks when it comes to loan approval and repayment schedules and often provide cash much quicker than traditional banks can. Since these types of business loans tend to be riskier for the lender, the average interest rates are usually higher than traditional bank loans. However, many small business owners would not be able to get financing for their businesses without the help of alternative loans.

Move Or Expand Your Space

Give your business room to grow with a bigger office, new retail location, or more warehouse space.

Refinance Debt

Convert high-interest debt into one monthly payment at a fixed rate you can afford, with no early repayment penalties.

Invest In Equipment

Loans for equipment help your small business purchase or upgrade your equipment so you can operate efficiently.

Hire More Staff

When you are experiencing growth, a small business loan can provide the working capital you need to take advantage of your growing customer base.

What you need to Qualify:


Borrower FICO that's greater than 650


Business revenue greater than $100K


Years in business greater than 2 years

Image by Blake Wisz