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Starting and maintaining a business is no easy task. As a matter of fact at least 50% of businesses fail within their first 5 years of creation. At HOPE BSG, we have a stable and proven process to help business get established and get access to the business resources & tools needed to grow. 

Here are 12 Key Things To Know When Starting a Business

According it is important to take at least these 12 steps into consideration. 

Self Evaluation

Business Financing

Business Idea

Product & Service Development

Market Research

Building a Team


Get a location


Start Getting Sales

Business Plan

Grow Your Business (Marketing & Advertising)

HOPE BSG Approach To

Business Development


HOPE BSG can help you develop your company by providing guidance and a detailed strategy to not only establish your business, but get you on a path to access business credit lines and business capital. 


Through our Business Assessment we are able to gain knowledge on what type of skill set you have, business concept and capital is needed for your business to grow. The business development team is able to provide market research and constructive feed back on products and services. 

During the development phase we prepare companies by getting them structured legally. This process includes:

Business structure, Legal assistance is available, Obtaining a business name, Registering the business, Federal Tax ID, a State ID, (if applicable), Licenses, & Bank account. 

Getting access to funding when starting a business requires specific documentation and preparation. One way we prepare our clients for approval is by creating a Lender Ready Business Plan.​ 

Lastly, one of our financial partners, Divinci Virtual Office Solutions, helps our clients have a verifiable business location. 

Having a team of experts is invaluable when starting a company. 

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