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Pre-qualify for various types of  funding for your business

Funding Success Analysis


What we DO and HOW it Works for Funding….

Quickly Pre-Qualify for funding!

Be able to quickly pre-qualify for a business or personal loan without it impacting your credit. 


Quickly know if you are pre-qualified for unsecured business financing.

 Does not create a hard credit inquiry on any credit reports.                    

  We let you know the funding range amount you pre-qualify for right now.

                           We show you the items that may need to be addressed to increase the funding amount.

Get Pre-Qualified Today!


The pre-qualification assessment allows business owners to learn about which funding programs they pre-qualify for

RIGHT NOW and what to do to pre-qualify for more in the near future. 

Learn About Prequalifying
Learn About Prequalifying

Creative Funding Options Designed For You

            We fund you and your business without ANY collateral        


Accessing small business funding shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming,

so we offer a simple way to get up to $250,000 in minutes. 

No business documentation required, no upfront fees!

Business Solutions Suite Lending Options


With our platform, you can apply for funding, providing key information our lending partners will require for determining your qualification status. The online assessment is designed to maximize the success of your business by identifying any areas of opportunity that may require development before obtaining proper funding.

Dedicated advisors speaking your language are always on hand to walk you through the products and services that will be most beneficial to your business. Learn about the pro’s and con’s of each option before proceeding. Decide without any pressure, safe in the knowledge you have the best team and solutions for your business.


Invoice Financing

Cash for clients' untrained invoices. 

Best for keeping cash flow steady.

Line of Credit

Flexible cash; tap as needed.

Best for short-term expenses.

Business Credit Card

Use it and repay it as often as you need it. 

Rewards are a plus.

Term Loans

Lump sum paid over fixed term.

Best for long term growth​.

Micro Loans

Smaller loans of up to $35,000.

Loans typically given to non - profit organizations. 

Merchant Cash +

Advance on your credit and debit card sales. 

High borrowing costs.

Personal Loan

A source of start-up funding.

Pricing options.

SBA Loans

Loans backed by the U.S. Small Administration.

Low interest rates.


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