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About HOPE Business Solutions Group LLC

HOPE Business Solutions Group (HOPE BSG) was founded by Teressa McIntosh. Her vision for the company arose from her desire to educate consumers and business owners on the importance of maintaining excellent credit. In 2008, McIntosh left the mortgage industry and opened the doors of HOPE Credit Service to bridge the gap and increase consumer awareness, provide consumer relevant solutions to funding and leverage the legal rights of buyers and borrowers to meet their personal, business and financial needs. HOPE Credit Service in an effort to more accurately depict who we are, at our core as a team and how we serve our clients has now evolved into HOPE Business Solutions Group, LLC.

HOPE BSG Recognizes an
opportunity for growth & success

At HOPE Business Solutions Group we recognize that there is huge opportunity in the market for small business owners and we are committed to small business success. With over thirty years of combined experience, the team at HOPE Business Solutions Group has helped hundreds of business owners.

As we seek to change the failing statistics that exist among small business owners our goal is to assist in creating a solid plan for your business, help you successfully launch your business, manage and grow your business. Our goal is to be a lifetime partner.

We increase your success rate with Proven Strategies

HOPE Business Solutions Group takes every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners. We empower you to do what you do best while we, along with our customized business solutions and resources help nurture your business to the next level.


Having been endorsed by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners and garnered the support of large organizations such as the SBA, GREC, REMAX, Maximum One Realty and the Womens Economic Development Agency just to name a few, our reputation speaks for itself.

3 Reasons why clients choose

HOPE BSG over its Competitors

The Hope Business Solutions Group, LLC has the most comprehensive funding solution in the world today.

Through your customized business solutions suite you will receive three major benefits:


First we reveal the secret formula lenders use to qualify your business for funding. We take the time to ensure that your business is set up credibly and radically to increase your chances of pre-approval.

The Business Credit & Funding Suite provides 
eal-time access to a wide range of business solutions including but not limited to traditional and alternative commercial funding options.


Next, we pre-qualify you through our unique Financing Approval Engine that cross checks your information against the underwriting guidelines of thousands of lenders which gives you the best chance of being approved for cash funding.

Dedicated advisors work closely with loan specialists to lessen the burden on you.


Third, we help you build a solid profile for your business so you can unlock the access to credit and capital, with no personal credit check or guarantee,

to build or sustain your business.

It is perfect for startups, investors, established business & nonprofits.