Working Lines of Credit

Unsecured revolving credit lines from $25,000 - $2,000,000. Interest rates 5% - 15%.

Respond to changing cash flow needs with a working capital line of credit. Using a traditional unsecured (no-collateral) working capital line of credit is a great way to bridge the gap between the important tasks you need to accomplish and the cash you need to get them done.

While it’s ideal to have money in the bank to help weather storms, the next best thing is having access to a low interest unsecured line of credit that you can draw on when you need it. A traditional unsecured business line of credit is typically used as short-term working capital to manage expenses such payroll, purchasing inventory, or offsetting seasonal lapses in cash flow.

Essentially, a line of credit can help small businesses thrive and grow, and one of the major advantages over a regular business loan is that you only make payments and pay interest on what you actually use.

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Upon approval, the bank typically issues a book of checks and attach the line of credit to a business checking account. You can draw on the money as needed for working capital, financing receivables, or a variety of other business needs as they arise.

A traditional unsecured working capital credit line is one of the most sought-after type of business financing, but they are also the most difficult to obtain.

There are 3 main reasons, in order, why many business owners cannot get a traditional unsecured working capital line of credit:

  1. They are a startup business with no financials, or they have not grown their business to the revenue levels required.

  2. They are in a high-risk industry like real estate, restaurants, or retail.

  3. The borrower’s personal credit is damaged and/or they do not have any business credit.

What you need to Qualify:


Borrower FICO that's

greater than 700


D&B Paydex greater than 75 and/or Experian Intelliscore greater than 75


Business Revenue is

greater than $100K


Years in Business is

greater than 2 Years

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